January 11, 2010

I Surprised Myself Today :)

I did it... I ran 3 miles.

3 miles without once letting that little nagging feeling of doubt take over. 3 miles of not pysching myself out. 3 miles of feeling both mentally and physically strong.

I ran 3 miles without stopping for a walk break. Today was the first time that I've ever run for more than 2 miles without stopping. It felt so good that I decided to keep going.

And before you know it I'd run another mile. 4 miles... at once!!! Woohoo!

And THAT felt so amazing that I wanted to keep going. So I ran, and I ran, and I ran. And I ran until the little voice came on my iPod telling me that I'd run 5 miles. I looked at the treadmill to confirm it, and it was true!

I still can't believe it. And I still feel strong, and amazing, and so proud of myself.

I ran 5 miles today without stopping. And it felt wonderful!