June 18, 2009


I wanted to share my weightloss progress with you all. I rejoined SparkPeople back in March of this year and didn't really do anything with it. On May 25th I got on the scale and was so upset because I had gained another 4lbs... Grr! So, I started following the SparkPeople plan again, as far as sticking with my calorie range and actually working out. That was 24 days ago and here's a summary of my progress since then:

Weight -10.8 lbs
Bust -2
Waist -2
Tummy -2
Hips -1
Upper Thigh -0.5
Thigh -1
Total Inches -8.5

I haven't been running... I don't know, I just began feeling like that was more of a chore than anything else. I guess I fell out of love with it. My results are actually a result of doing workout dvds at home. I currently have a mini obsession with FIRM workouts. They alternate cardio and sculpting (with dumbells) intervals, which I think helps to keep me from getting bored.

Anywho, I wanted to share because I am so happy with my results. I feel like I am doing the right thing and making a lifestyle change, instead of just doing something short term like dieting. I can't believe I'm down almost 11 lbs already. Here is a "before" shot that was taken a couple of days ago. I'll be back with my after pics before you know it :)

I really need to take hair pic, but this is the closest thing that I have for now.

P.S. I put a link to my SparkPage over to the right. If you're ever wondering how I'm doing, I've been updating there frequently.


Anonymous said...

You look smokin in your before pics!!! Congratulations with your weight loss!!!!

Brown ButtahFly said...

Hey Southern

I also have to say that your before pics are fierce I can't imagine what your after photos would look like!

I also had to learn the hard way that dieting and restricting foods is not the answer because eventually you will give in and do worse than you planned.

I have also lost a significant amount of weight and I have just been watching what I eat and exercising hard.

Finding an exercise that you like is key because like you said it won't feel like much of a chore.

Keep up the good work!

ayankha said...

Congrats! It is always great to hear about such success. Weight management sometimes means a lifestyle change and change is not always very easy! You go girl!

Penny said...

Very nice!! Looking good. I too started working out and changing the way I eat I modify most popular diet plans for something doable for me because I can't follow those plans.

Naturally Sophia said...

Congrats! I love the before pics. Look at you in that dress looking like the spokesmodel for Sisterlocks!

S0uthernGirl said...

Thanks ladies! You all are too kind :)

BB, for some reason your other blog stopped updating in my Bloglines... I am going over there to check you out now.

Keep working at it ladies, we're getting fine(er) in '09 ;)

Anonymous said...

Looking good honey! So if these are before I'm sure you will look PHAT afterward! Do that boo! Maybe I can jump on the bandwagon!

natty said...

Congrats on your weight loss!! I lost weight over the last year too. It's so exciting to realize personal goals. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

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