January 19, 2010

Halfway There!!!

I weighed in yesterday and I am halfway towards my goal weight! 15 lbs gone baby!!!

It took forever, but I finally found a routine that works for me and everything is rolling along smoothly. If you aren't incorporating strength training and HIIT sessions into your routine, start doing it asap! I had been stuck in the 170s for a few months now, but adding these two things into my routine have kicked my metabolism into gear.

My midway reward is a spa treatment so I've booked it for the 29th of this month. As an added bonus, the spa is having a special happy hour night and the theme is chocolate! Can it get any better than a massage and chocolate? I'm going to set aside my weekly cheat meal for that night so that I can indulge in the complimentary chocolate-tinis (and hopefully chocolate covered strawberries) without feeling guilty. I can't wait!

Today also marks the beginning of Week 6 of the 12 week half marathon training program that I'm following. I cannot believe how well the training is going, considering that I just started running in the middle of December. I have logged over 55 miles since then! My last long run was 6 miles and while I feel like I walked entirely too much during the run, I finished it... I was grinning like an idiot for most of the last two miles lol.


Brown ButtahFly said...

You go Girl!

Seems like that is a good training program. I might have to look into that when I start running again.

Keep it up, you rock!

Morgan said...

CONGRATS!!! You go girl! That is awesome!

I'm jealous of your spa and chocolate night, seriously that is heaven.

Also if it will help towards your weightloss I will GLADLY accept any and all boob donations. :)

S0uthernGirl said...

@BB Thanks girl. It works because it's so flexible. If something comes up I might not do all of the shorter runs during the week, but I make sure to always do the long runs.

@Morgan I'm sure I have at LEAST 5lbs of boobage that I could give away and still have enough left for myself lol

Morgan said...

Just got your comment! OMG yes that IS me that RSVP'd for the group run. I haven't run with them in ages, as in like last summer. I have been wanting to be more active in the group because I can't keep trekking over to Brandon to run with people. That is so exciting you will be there! :) If you can shoot me an email, would love to exchange info. Do you have anything planned for after? Want to grab brunch?
redheadrunning (@) gmail