December 30, 2009

All Kinds of Knees

I've been doing so well with my program that I even find myself holding back a bit because I feel like such a rockstar when I'm running that I want to do more than the designated miles. But I don't want to do too much and end up getting hurt so I've been sticking with the plan... until today. I had a personal training session yesterday and something I did during that workout has caused my knee to hurt. Boo!!! Actually, double boo!!!

I was really looking forward to running today too, I guess that's a sign that it's already becoming an addiction... er habit.

Since I can't run today and I really need to start incorporating strength training into my workouts, I decided to try Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones. It started out good, and everything was rolling along until I hit the core section. To be honest, the core section is challenging but I probably could have made it through if I really tried. It's kind of hard for me to push myself through core work when I still have so much belly fat. Boo to belly fat too!

Okay, that's enough being a Negative Nelly. I think I need to spread some positive vibes today so here's a plus: I am going to go to Zumba class tonight at the gym. I love Zumba because I always burn a lot of calories and have so much fun while doing it.

Oh, and I'm such a porker, but I was watching Sandwich Paradise and they profiled Peanut Butter & Co.. Since I quite possibly love peanut butter more than I love Zumba I set out to find a local store that carries it. I found it at Fresh Market and can I just tell you that The Bee's Knees version, with honey in it is well... the bee's knees! It is sooo delish. So my new favorite post workout snack is a Fluffernutter made from an Arnold Sandwich Thin, the Bee's Knees, and marshmallow fluff. I use 2 teaspoons each of the PB and fluff and it comes out to 174 calories of pure yumminess.

Gotta run!


Brown ButtahFly said...

I am a big fan of peanut butter as well. I might have to try this product out!