September 15, 2010

Enter the Read With Kids Challenge For a Chance to #win A Trip to Disney World

Hi, I am CardioBunny and I am a bookworm.

And I know exactly who to blame for my book addiction... my mom! She is an avid reader and indulged me with biweekly (or more) trips to the library to find more books for me to devour.

Some of my favorite memories are looking through the card catalog and finding new authors or related topics... Yeah, I know that I totally dated myself with the card catalog reference lol. Ooo, do you remember the Book-It program? I probably put a dent in Pizza Hut's profit with all of the free personal pan pizzas that I earned! And I still get a thrill and a sense of comfort when I'm surrounded by books.

I am so grateful that my mom instilled that love for reading because not only does reading provide a means of entertainment, or a mini-vacay when life gets hectic, but it also made me a very strong student in all academic areas.

I am hoping that my kids love reading as well, but if they don't I hope that more businesses sponsor programs like The Read With Kids Challenge.


RIF and US Airways have issued the challenge to parents or caregivers of children under the age of 17. Their goal is to rack up 10 million minutes spent reading by October 31st.

Each family that spends 120 minutes reading and logs them on the Challenge website will be eligible to win a trip for four to Walt Disney World! There are also lots of other great prizes up for grabs so head over to the Read With Kids Challenge website for more details and register for your chance to win!



MageeBaby said...

COOL! I signed up.

Thanks for entering my giveaway. I'm following back. :)

CardioBunny said...

Glad you joined! I hope one of us wins :)