September 26, 2010

I am the Friendly Stepmonster, Hear Me Roar!

A while back I posted that I am dating a really great guy, but there are a few aspects of this relationship that I never envisioned when daydreaming about my future. One of those is that Hunny Luv has three kids with his ex wife; MiPhi (6), Cuddle Bug (3), and Boho Bug (3). The kids actually turned out to be one of the reasons that I fell in love with him! It was evident early on that he is a very devoted and loving father. And the fact that he and his ex have a sane, healthy coparenting relationship is a huge plus.

But it hasn't been not all roses. I've dated men with kids in the past, but this relationship is the most serious one that I've had where kids are involved. And it's also the first one where the father and I have very different parenting styles. While I do not have kids yet, I grew up around and caring for kids so I have some pretty firm beliefs about how children should be raised and what I expect from them

I've gone back and forth for a while now over whether I should blog about my relationship with the kids and things that arise as a result of our differing parenting styles and I've decided that it's a go. So, stay tuned for The Friendly Stepmonster Diaries :)



Michelle said...

Here to follow you from the Cornucopia Blog Hop:) Hope to see you at Faith on Fire!
God Bless,

just B you said...

The Friendly Stepmonster Diaries sound like fun! =)